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It's a lot about the bike-bike fit

bike fit is by far the most important aspect of equipment choices

This season I changed the frame size I use. Last year my bike was order with consulting me and I was left with an enormous bike that was 'floppy' and uncomfortable to cycle. It affected my whole season. This year I've got myself a bike that feels perfect.

A bicycle of the same brand and model in two different sized is not the same, because they are usually scaled by extending tube lengths (top tube, down tube, head tube) and decreasing seat tube angle by a degree or so,

while the rear triangle (the bit that holds the wheel) stays the same. The properties of the tube (the carbon lay up) remain similar, My new bikehence large bike tend to be far less rigid than small ones. What this means is that large riders, like myself (186cm) are badly served by most brands.

It's always best to scale up up from a frame that's a bit to small and try to scale down something that too big. Nowadays it's nearly impossible to get a bike that fits perfectly due to the fact that these off the peg, compact carbon frames all come in just a few set sizes.

There are a lot of details about bike fit I will cover a bit later, with illustrations and proofs of concept. Here we cover one simple point:

  • Better a bike that's a little bit too small, than too big!

As a result of having a good set up I feel much better and I am more efficient. This will be reflected in my work throughout the season.


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