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Damage Charges and evaluation:

Scratches and damage to frame:

  1. Small one off scratches (less than 5 mm long x 2 mm wide) affecting only varnish (waved).
  2. Scratches no deeper than first layer paintwork more than 5 mm length charged at €5.
  3. Groupings of small scratches as defined in point 1 are charged at €2.5 per readily identifiable individual scratch.
  4. Scuffs no deeper than paintwork: More than 5mm x 3 mm charged at €5.
  5. Scratch through the paint, carbon or aluminum intact charged €50.
  6. Carbon scratched but not cracked: €100. Applicable to carbon componentry on aluminium frames.
  7. Carbon frame cracked: New frame or frame of equivalent quality charged. Applicable to carbon componentry on aluminium frames.

Any componentry that is bent out of shape, broken componentry not functioning correctly, is charged by G-ride bikeshop at their normal rates and likewise any work to bring the bike to good working order:

Estrada de Monchique ( Estrada nacional 124, ao lado do café Gil ) 8500-331 Portimão Telefone: 282 180 798 Telemóvel: 966 928 159 E-mail: [email protected] Coordinates: 37.163802,-8.533319

Examples of componentry charged include:

  • Rims,
  • Derailleurs,
  • STI levers

Charges may be waved at our discretion.

Not charged under any circumstance:

  • Brake pads,
  • Spokes ,
  • Bearings,
  • Bar tape,
  • Bar end stoppers,
  • Chains,
  • Tires,
  • Inner tubes,
  • Tire levers,
  • Pumps,
  • Scratches on cranks or chain rings are not charged.

Please note that any charges for accidental damages are normally covered by travel insurance. As such all charges are invoiced.


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