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Website cookies and personal data processing policies.

What data is collected and why?

all services we collect the following information from you:

  • We collect your first and last name:
    • We collect the your name, to politely address you, to identify you to the competent authorities in case of any litigious process arising during the rental, communicate to the insurance company responsible for personal accident insurance.
  • The number of a identification document (passport, national id, driver’s licence) :
    • We collect the details of identification to identify you to the competent authorities in case of any litigious process arising during the rental.
  • Address(es) where a service is to occur:
    • We collect this information so that we may provide the service you request at a given time and place.
  • Phone number and/or e-mail:
    • We collect your phone number so we can contact you in case of a problem with the service we are due to provide you.
  • Your date of birth:
    • We collect your date of birth to communicate to the insurance company to validate you to this company

In the case of bike rentals we also collect:

  • Your bike measurements:
    • So we can set up your rental bike to the right size.
  • What extras you may want with your rental
    • So we can provide these extra services (E.g. preferred pedal type).

Personal data processing

Your information is sent to us securely encrypted over https. As soo n as the request hits our servers it is encrypted and temporarily st ored, attached to a random string validated by you which then acts a s the primary reference for your booking. The following information is stored by us for fulfillment of services to clients that relates to clients, is encrypted: Name, phone number, identification number, delivery address, geolocation information, IP and e-mail address.

From this information we aggregate your nationality, sex and and yea r of birth, bike type and size to wider fully anonymized datasets. S uch that we may say what percentage of our clients originate from wh ich country, or the mean age of our clients, or what percentage of o ur clients are male and what type of bike is most in demand, therefo re improving our performance as a business. GDPR: "Can we use data for another purpose?"


Note that cookies used by this website are exempt from the EUROPA eP rivacy Directive, namely session cookies. However a number of third party cookies, are present on certain pages (routes, bike rentals) y ou can read about them them here:


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